We started making soap long before the internet was here

Heather’s journey from health struggles to wellness started in an unexpected place – her own kitchen. While she knows avocado toast won’t solve everything, she’s seen firsthand the magic of swapping processed foods for wholesome ingredients.

Ever since, Heather has been cooking up nourishing recipes, whipping up evidence-backed natural remedies, and concocting DIY personal care products, all while sharing her discoveries with others through her posts.

A promise from all of us to you

What really gets Heather excited are those deep dives into health topics. She loves merging cutting-edge research with time-honored wisdom to unlock wellness secrets.

When she’s not geeking out over emails from MIT researchers or connecting with folks from places like Vanuatu, you’ll likely find her whipping up elderberry syrup, experimenting with natural skincare, or – best of all – hanging out with her hubby and three kiddos.

USDA Certified Organic

Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic

Paraben & Fragrance-Free

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